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Springfield Platteview Community Schools Receives $170,000 Grant from Meta

September 30, 2022 (Springfield, NE) - Springfield Platteview Community Schools (SPCS) is excited to announce it will receive a grant of $170,000 from Meta to fully furnish Springfield Elementary School and Westmont Elementary School with over 75 new Boxlight interactive LCD flat panels to further leverage 2020’s successful bond referendum. This cutting-edge technology will replace traditional, cost-prohibitive projectors and the current laptop checkout program for classroom instruction, providing ways for students to hone their technical skills while offering professional development opportunities for educators.

Unveiled at the Springfield Platteview Community Schools’ Grand Opening Celebration, the new interactive screens were on full display and included various demonstrations for how they would be used to enhance classroom instruction - including examples of art and science. The 75 interactive screens have already been allocated to both elementary schools and are fully in use for the school year. Identifying, piloting, and utilizing the technology was a teacher-driven initiative that involved staff, substitutes, and students in the last school year.

“We are thankful to our community for supporting the bond and helping us build a new, needed school and bring important facility improvements to our other elementary, Westmont. We are fortunate to have great facilities all across our district that support activities, teaching, and learning. We appreciate our partnership with Meta, and their donation is just another example of their commitment to our schools and community. This partnership and donation will have a direct and important impact on the technology that our staff and students can use to best prepare for a digital world,” said Dr. Ryan Saunders, Springfield Platteview Community Schools Superintendent.

This funding is a follow-up to a $200,000 grant from Meta given in fall 2019 to support technology upgrades and related technical skills-building opportunities, including a video display system in the high school gymnasium. Meta has called Sarpy County home for more than five years and recently announced an expansion to its Sarpy Data Center. To date, Meta has invested more than $2.5 million in community support through partnerships with local schools, entrepreneurship and small business investments, and its Community Action Grant program.

“We’re thrilled to continue our strong partnership with Springfield Platteview Community Schools and provide new technology that will enhance classroom instruction for years to come and provide technical skills development for students and educators alike,” said Matt Sexton, Community Development Manager for Meta’s Sarpy Data Center. “Sarpy County is an integral part of our data center community, and we are proud to support the power of technology and improve STEM education.”

“I would like to thank Meta for the great support given to Springfield Platteview Community Schools. They have been a wonderful partner in the community. I would also like to thank Springfield Platteview Community Schools for their commitment to giving all students the best opportunity possible,” said Mayor Robert Roseland, City of Springfield.

About Springfield Platteview Community Schools

Springfield Platteview Community Schools has had the pleasure of serving our students in an exemplary manner for the past six decades. We take pride in consistently providing the best in curriculum, extracurricular activities, athletics programs, fine arts, and traditional educational experiences. Springfield Platteview has four schools, with a student enrollment of approximately 1,150. The school district boundary is 90 square miles within Sarpy County’s 248 territorial square miles. For more information about Springfield Platteview Community School, visit the Springfield Plattewview website.

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