Coronavirus Updates

School Calendar Change: Planning Day, February 11

02.11 Planning Day. No school. Friday, Feb. 11. School Calendar Change. School closed for students.

Dear Springfield Platteview Families,

In an effort to allow all staff members a day of planning, we will close Springfield Platteview Community Schools to students on Friday, February 11, 2022. The extra planning day will help ease pressure on our system and allow students and staff time to catch up.

With a decrease in substitute teacher availability, staff members have been doing an impressive job covering where they can — often during their planning time. This extra work is deeply appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. It does, however, put increasing pressure on our school staff as they try to cover classrooms without an adequate number of substitute teachers available.

Thank you for remaining nimble during this time. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

Best Regards,

Ryan Saunders, Ed. D.

COVID-19 Update - January 18, 2022

Dear Platteview Central Jr. High and Platteview High School families,

With the Omicron variant here, COVID-19 cases are rising in our community. As we move forward, we are asking for your help. Throughout the pandemic, we have sent close contact letters to families when students have been seated near individuals who have tested positive at Platteview Central Jr. High and Platteview High School. Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking everyone in these buildings to act as a close contact.

Rather than sending a letter to specific families, we would like all families to take the daily steps of protecting themselves. This includes daily monitoring of symptoms and keeping students at home if they do not feel well. We recommend wearing a mask, and we encourage families to have a conversation with their physician regarding vaccinations. Students with a positive COVID-19 test should stay home and report the case to the school office.

Instead of emails to close contacts, we will now be sending daily school-wide emails to notify junior high and high school families of specific new numbers in the buildings. COVID-19 communication to the elementary schools will remain the same. Weekly positive case information is always available on the district COVID-19 page. The website is updated every Monday by noon for the previous week's numbers.

We continue a layered approach to the pandemic: recommending wearing a mask, running building ventilation continuously to maximize fresh air exchange, sanitizing buildings, encouraging hand washing, providing hand sanitizer, and socially distancing when possible. We ask that you help add layers to our safety measures by monitoring your children for illness and keeping them home when they have symptoms.

Thank you,

SPCS Communications

COVID-19 Update - January 5, 2022

Dear Springfield Platteview Community,

Welcome back, SPCS. We are excited to see students in our buildings tomorrow. There is a lot to celebrate from our first semester and even more milestones and celebrations ahead of us. We are proud of our students and staff for their hard work at Springfield Platteview. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the new year!

We anticipate the 2022 semester looking and feeling much like it has since school started. SPCS continues to do the same mitigation strategies listed in the school reopening guide. We encourage physical distancing where possible, proper hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette. Our staff will regularly clean high-touch surfaces and spaces during and after school hours.

One change that will impact our school district is the updated recommendation for isolation and quarantine time from the CDC.

Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors How To Isolate flyer

On December 27, the CDC shortened the recommended isolation and quarantine period for the general population. Positive individuals may return to school five days after their onset of symptoms (or test date if they had no symptoms) if they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are improving with no fever for 24 hours, followed by five days of masking at school. Our district nurse and the Sarpy/Cass Health Department will remind individuals of this change as it comes up.

We ask that you remain nimble as we return to school after the holiday break. Communication to families will continue to be frequent. If and when anything changes, we will email you immediately and update the website as necessary.

I hope that this semester is an enjoyable one, filled with memories that last a lifetime. I look forward to being a part of it all. Thank you for your ongoing support and appreciation. We could not do this without you!

Best Regards,

Ryan Saunders, Ed. D.
Springfield Platteview Community Schools

Tracking COVID-19 Cases

Dear Springfield Platteview Community,

A new chart that tracks the total number of COVID-19 cases since August 23, 2021, is available on our website. Click on the total cases link to the left of this page for weekly totals. These cases are added once per week and only reflect newly reported cases at the time of the chart update. Individual active cases typically last for ten days after the first positive test.

      Best Regards,

      Dr. Ryan Saunders

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